We do

Digital Transformation

Driven to optimise proccesses, increase efficiency, become more agile, improve performance and reduce costs.


Migration with new/existing infrastructure to any hybrid/public/private cloud providers: Azure/AWS/GCP/Onprem

Software Development

From IOS/Android to various type of apps all the way to SOA and/or microservice architecture. And recently started AI development path.


In collaboration with our partners, we will be providing Mini PCs which has become increasingly popular in office environments due to their compact size, energy efficiency and versatility. For more information about the specification of our current offered Mini-PC: CK11 / CK12


Upscale organisations and setup bootcamps online as well as in person. Ensuring whatever is delivered by us, a proper handover is provided. We also train young individuals under 18, who is curious about the world of IT and what it means to be an engineer himself in the future.

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